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  For proper installation of the Outerwears Fly Wheel Cover it is recommended to remove the motor from the vehicle.
1. Remove the motor from the chassis. There are a couple of ways to do this. (Refer to the vehicle owner's manual)

Remove motor mount bolt behind the      Remove motor mount bolts (3)            Remove motor mount bolt located next to the
brake.                                                        underneath the motor.                    pull start assembly that attaches motor to chassis.


  2. Once the motor is removed form the chassis, clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol until all the dirt and grease is
removed.  Install Velcro® around the crankcase assembly edge to edge (see illustration A.), along the sides of the crankcase
assembly to the clutch housing (see illustration B.), and around the clutch housing (illustration 3.). Press the Velcro® firmly
into place.  Once the Velcro® is installed let it set for 24 hours for the adhesive to fully adhere.

   A.  B.  C.

  3. Install Fly Wheel Cover and reinstall the motor into the chassis.


Dirt and debris collection is known to happen in the area between the crankcase and the chassis with or without a cover. Clean, wipe, or blow accumulated dirt and debris from this area after each use to ensure optimal engine performance.